(Requested) DDM #4 ; he finds out that you have a belly button piercing and gets mad

Zayn ; your sister got a belly button piercing and you were jealous because your father won’t let you have it , so you decided to get it behind his back and he is going on tour soon so it will be easy to hide it , when you get it , it really hurts you because the one who did it for you wasn’t that good and didn’t use alcohol before he make it and now you’re crying because it really hurts you , zayn heard you cry and knocked on your door, “sweety what wrong ?” “Dad It hurt so much” “what hurts? ” he asked
confused , you showed him the piercing and he was going to yell at you but when he saw how much it hurts you he stopped,  “babe why did you do it ?” ” because my sister got it and it was so beautiful on her and I wanted one”you said , “dad do something it really hurts me ” you continued crying,  then zayn took you to the doctor and they removed the piercing and you never do it again .

Niall ; “why dad ? Just give me one good reason to not have it ?” You asked your dad, ” well because I said so and I don’t see a point to do it ” he said “but dad-” he cut you ” I said NO and no means no” “whatever” you screamed as you went to your room , well I will have it and I will not listen to him I will do whatever I want you thought to yourself , so the next week you got it and tried your best not to show it to your dad and you were doing a good job until now , when your idiot brother came and jumped at you so you were fighting with him when your shirt goes up to your belly button and just to your luck your dad came into the room and saw it ,”get off her NOW” your brother saw that your dad was serious so he get off you,”and as for you what I told about getting this ” he pointed to your belly button , ” you’re gonna get rid of it right now ” ” but dad-” ” no buts so next time when it told you no it means no ” you looked at him with a sad look , ” don’t give me that look” he said to you , “so ok now I’m gonna go and get rid of it ” you said with a sad look ,”okay you can keep it” after you heard what he said you ran to him and jumped on him “thank you , thank you ” he laughed at how happy you were .

Louis ; you woke up with a bad headache you got drunk yesterday and you don’t remember anything , you get up from bed and went to the kitchen to see your dad , “good morning bug” “good morning dad ” you said as he kissed your cheek, you moaned as you put your hands on your stomach, ” you okay? ” ” I don’t know it really hurts me ” you said as he come to you and takes your shirt to see your stomach “ahhh babe I know what’s wrong,  look what you got here ” he laughed , you looked down to see a piercing , “what the ? I don’t even remember how I got that ” “now this is a lesson to be more responsible” he laughed as he walked out the kitchen as you looked at him with disbelief.

Liam ; you went to get a belly button piercing and didn’t tell your dad because you thought that you’re old enough to make your own decisions , so you got it when you got back home you were very happy and went to your dad and mom to show them , “daaad , moooom , look what I got ” you take your shirt to show them “wow babe its beautifu-” your mom said but your dad cut her , “what’s this ? You didn’t ask me if you can get it” ” well yeah because I thought I was old enough to make my own decisions ” you told him , ” if you want me to remove it I will remove it” he looked at you and smiled ” no it’s okay you can keep it” “thank you ” you kissed him as you ran to show it to your sister.

Harry; you were going with your friends to the beach and your crush was going to be there so you decided to get a belly button piercing to impress him and you went with your best friend to get it , you were wearing a belly button shirt , so when you got home it wasn’t hard for your dad to notice it ,”what the hell is this ?” “It’s a belly button piercing” you say, “yeah I know that but when did you get it and why you didn’t ask me if you can have it ?” “Dad I just wanted until Friday” you said ,”why until Friday? ” , “well because you see I will go to the beach with my friends and there is this boy I want to impress ” “ahhh my little girl trying to impress a boy” he punished your cheek “but promise me that you will get rid of it ” “okay I promise you”.

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