DDM #9; you’re adopted

harry (15); you were adopted and you knew it, but harry never made you feel that you weren’t welcome in the family even gemma and anne treated you like you was his real daughter, so one day you came back from school and your day was terrible like always,  people telling you that harry felt pathetic for you and adopted you, or that you were his charity case , and so on, you entered the house ,”daad?” You called for him hoping that he will be home, you entered the living room to see him sitting on the couch with his phone and he seemed angry,  “daddy?” , “what now?” He answered clearly annoyed , “can we-” you said but he cut you and said , “YEAH THAT’S ALL WHAT YOU WANT CAN WE GO , CAN WE DO , WILL YOU JUST STOP NAGGING”, you looked at him shocked that he yelled at you and you didn’t do anything,  “OKAY, YOU KNOW WHAT ? I HATE YOU” you said as you ran out of the house.

Louis (4); louis adopted you before one week only so you were getting used to it, but there is one problem, your 17 old brother didn’t like the idea of having a little sister that was adopted , so he was treating you like shit and like you never was there, so one day you ran to him , “mikey mikey”, he was with your dad watching some football game, he looked at you then rolled his eyes,  “mikey wanna play with me pretty please with a cherry on top of it” you and louis chuckled at what you said, “don’t call me mikey , call me Michael or it’ll be better if you didn’t call me at all” he stated, “but mom and dad call you mikey an-” , “yeah that’s because I love them”, tears started to fall out of your eyes, because what he said to you hurt, because you loved him alot, you looked at him to see louis giving him death glare, then you ran to your room feeling unwanted by your only family.

Liam (14); you got in trouble in school, you got in a fight with some girl because she was saying mean things to you about you being adopted, so you didn’t take it anymore and jumped on her , and now here you are being yelled at by your father,  “why would you do it ? Ha answer me ? ” , “she was calling me names and telling me some mean things about me being adopted” , “but that didn’t give you a reason to hit her!” , “but she wa-” , “I don’t care about what she said nor what she did and you should too” , you looked down feeling that you disappointed him, “I didn’t raise you to do that, I’m so disappointed by you” , now you were tired that everyone is disappointed by you , “I don’t want to be a disappointed to you , mom, everybody else I want to go back to the orphanage” you said with tears streaming down your face.

Zayn (6) ; you were really happy today, you were searching for your dad hoping that you’ll find him, you walked to the kitchen when you stopped as you heard his voice talking with perrie, ” I just I don’t know how she’ll take it she is too… hmm” , “attached?” Perrie continues for him, “yeah, too attached to me, I don’t think that she’ll take it well” , you were hurt by his word and only thought about the worse, you decided to enter the kitchen , “heyy daddy and mommy” you said acting happy , they smiled at you but you knew that it wasn’t a smile from the heart,  “baby girl can you go and leave us alone we need to discuss something” zayn said to you, you nodded your head and ran to your room , you jumped on your bed and started crying thinking that they gave up on you , they are gonna send you away like the other people who adopted you.

Niall (9) ; your mom just found out that she can’t have kids anymore , and she was a crying mess , “I’m sorry I’m really sorry niall I couldn’t give you a baby for you , your own baby” she cried, and you were sitting out side their door, ouch that hurt, you knew you weren’t their real child but you never thought that they’ll think of you as you’re not their real child,  everyone treated you like a horan and your last name now is horan, so why did she say that to him?, you walked in your room and picked some paper and a pen and wrote “I’m really sorry mom and dad that I wasn’t good enough to be your kid but I tried hard to make you both proud of me , I just want you to know that I love both of you to infinity and beyond,
-your daughter” and then a tear dropped on the paper and you took your bag and ran out of the house hoping it’s better for everyone.

Hope you like it ! Tell me what you think of it :) xx

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