DDM #11; Do you still love me ?

Zayn (5); after your dad and mom got divorced you stayed with Zayn, then he met perrie and you loved her, when he told you that they will get married you got scared, what if he doesn’t love me anymore? Or forget about me? , well that’s what you saw as he started spending more and more time with her leaving you alone with your babysitter or one of the boys, and you started to think that he stopped loving you, so you decided that you will ask him if he still loves you, when you saw him sitting on the couch watching something, you were standing behind the couch not sure if you should go and ask him or not, “sweety? Do you need something? ” you looked up to see zayn looking at you, “I want to ask you something” you said, “sure what do you want?”, “umm do you still love me?” He looked at you shocked, ” I mean you’re spending alot of time with perrie-” but he wasn’t hearing what you were saying, he was only thinking what did he do to make you feel that way.

Louis (16); you didn’t understand why your father is never home, and when he is he is only watching TV then he will go to sleep, he never talked to you, you were feeling that he doesn’t care anymore about you, you were thinking of a way that you’ll ask him if he still care for you, or if he loved you like before, it was eating you, but you just can’t go to him and ask him that, but it’ll be better if you asked him, so here you are sitting on the couch waiting for him to come home, then you heard the door open and he entered then looked at you and said, “aren’t you supposed to be sleep now?” , “no I was waiting for you, I wanted to ask you about something”, he sighed and sat on the couch, “what do you want to talk about at this late hour of the night? ” he asked clearly not happy, “do you still care about me?” He looked at you not understanding what you were talking about, of course he care about you, you were his only daughter,  “I mean like do you still love me?”.

Harry (10); your dad just missed your birthday party, and you weren’t mad , you were disappointed, he had promised you that he will be back home one day early from the tour but he didn’t, did he forgot, aren’t you that important to him, he came home the next day, he came home,  you expected “I’m sorry” or some gifts then you’ll forgive him, but instead he walked past you and just say “hey baby girl” and give you a kiss, why was he acting like that?, you walked to the living room still sad that he didn’t even said something about your birthday party and him missing it, “dad do you remember forgetting something?” , “umm no what do you mean baby girl” he said still not looking at you just staring at the TV,  “DO YOU EVEN STILL LOVE ME?” you yelled with tears streaming down your face and ran to your room, harry just started at where you were standing seconds ago not believing that you thought that he didn’t love you.

Liam (15); after your mom and dad got divorced, you stay with your mom during the week days, and with your dad during the weekends, today is Friday so your dad I supposed to come and get you, but he was late, you opened your Tumblr to see pictures of liam and sophia his girlfriend out together, you don’t have anything against her, but why would he forget about you?, you heard a knock on the door,  and open it to see liam and sophia,  “are you ready? ” you looked at him and said “are you serious? You left me here waiting for you, and you were out with her? Do you still love me like before? I knew that when you and mom got divorced I knew that you’ll not love me ? I know it you don’t love me like before” you said before going out of the door, then your mom and sophia looked shocked and turned to liam who wasn’t  believing what happened, you thought that he didn’t love you anymore? .

Niall (17); you were sitting watching TV it was late, your parents were fighting these past day and your dad would go out and go out and drink, but he never get back home drunk, but the relationship between the both of you wasn’t the same anymore, he wasn’t around like before, never helping you on your bad days like he used to, but you thought that he’ll get back to the old him, your thoughts were cut by the door slamming, “um what are you doing here?” He said throwing his jacket on the couch,  “hmm watching TV” you answered, “go to your room” he said, “what?”, “WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER” he yelled at you, you could not take it anymore,  “WELL IT’S YOUR FAULT, IF YOU WOULD JUST GET THE OLD YOU EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” you yelled, then you said “sometimes I wonder if you still love me?”.

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